A natural product like substrate needs to be handled and transported with care. At Hooymans Substrates, we are experts in this field. Thanks to our expertise and experienced team, we accompany growers all over the world.


Hooymans Substrates has been renowned for its mushroom substrate as early as 1989. Having started as a pioneer, our substrate is now successfully used across the globe. We offer a quality product worldwide. It is also our knowledge, experience and support that make us successful together with our growers We assist in the business design, organisation, start-up and supervision of cultivation. Knowledge of the product and the market make us a versatile partner for growers worldwide.

  • Packaging,
    while maintaining quality!
  • A global logistics network!
  • Tailor-made training on location!
while maintaining quality!

Substrate comprises of natural raw materials. Delivery in bulk results in natural activity through recovery growth of the mycelium. For this reason, this type of delivery is limited to destinations with a maximum delivery time of 2 days. Transport of substrate over longer distances is therefore mostly done in packages. Our modern equipped packaging hall offers a fully automated packaging process in which temperature control and registration are essential. Thanks to various cooling techniques, we guarantee the quality of the substrate, so that growers worldwide are assured of a high-quality product.

Our substrate is delivered in packages of 60 x 40 x 20 cm. The weight can be adjusted as required. The packages are delivered on pallets (100 x 120 cm) and equipped with a wrapping net so that unloading from a transport container or trailer is done in only 20 minutes. It is also possible to temporarily store the parcels on pallets, under suitable refrigerated conditions. If required, we can provide the parcels with a personal label, making it easier to separate substrate with multiple breeds, for example.

A global logistics network!

The delivery of a natural product like substrate requires an exceptional logistics network that extends worldwide. Intensive cooperation with shipping companies and logistics partners makes it possible to deliver high-quality substrate. Our logistics department ensures daily punctual planning of your delivery, tailored to your processes and schedule, and takes care of all necessary documents and permits. We transport the substrate for you in full containers to any port in the world, with a possible roll-out to the relevant inland destination.

Especially for longer shipments, conditioned transport is used (48 hours +). A refrigerated shipping container is used for this, which can cover a multidisciplinary transport due to its functionality. By transporting the product in air-conditioned containers, the reach of the substrate is unlimited with the help of our logistics partners. Temperature and ventilation play an essential role here. The substrate therefore always arrives in perfect condition and, if required, can be stored or can be deposited virtually immediately in the cell.

Tailor-made training on location!

The final ingredient of our substrate is knowledge We are aware that mushroom cultivation requires highly specialised knowledge. That is why we offer our customers tailor-made training. At your request, we can offer workshops, training courses and learning modules that are fully tailored to your wishes and location. We can compile a special programme covering theory and practice for you and your employees with the objective of increasing cultivation knowledge.

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