Successful mushroom cultivation starts with the foundation, the substrate. Hooymans Substrates has been developing high-quality substrate for cultivating mushrooms and various other varieties since 1989.

The foundation of mushroom substrate comprises 5 raw materials (horse manure, chicken manure, straw, gypsum and water). The ingredient that truly elevates our product is our knowledge. Every year, we process more than 200,000 tonnes of organic waste streams into substrate. This process takes place in phases, resulting in Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 substrate. Each is available separately.

  • PHASE 1
  • PHASE 2
  • PHASE 3
  • Optimal odor control
  • Organic substrate

The raw materials are first assessed by our employees upon receipt. This is then also tested in the laboratory. Based on the results, the correct mixing ratios are determined. During mixing, micro-organisms break down the raw materials. Proper aeration is essential during this process. Conditions are controlled and optimised in sealed bunkers. Phase 1 compost is ready as soon as the mixture reaches a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.


Moving from phase 1, the substrate is pasteurised and conditioned in sealed tunnels. Here, the temperature is raised in controlled conditions to eliminate unwanted organisms. The ideal temperature is then reached to convert the active organisms to nutritious substances, the conditioning process. At the end of this process, the substrate is ready to be propagated with mycelium.


The substrate from phase 2 is selectively prepared for the mycelium of the desired mushroom and can be grafted with it. This is done under controlled conditions where hygiene plays an important role. Over a period of 17 to 18 days, the growth of the mycelium is stimulated by temperature and air. The mature product is referred to as phase 3 substrate, and is ready for transport to the customer and cultivation use.

Optimal odor control

During the production process, as with any natural process, odors are released. Quality of life and environmentally responsible actions play an essential role within Hooymans Substrates. For years, an effective and natural solution has been sought that has resulted in an advanced purification process in the form of a biobed. The biobed consists of a package of tree bark under which the air is pressed. In a natural way, odor components are converted into billions of bacteria, which in turn are able to purify 250,000 cubic meters of air per hour.

Organic substrate

To further enhance the balance of nature, a growing number of consumers are opting for organic products. Hooymans Substrates therefore also supplies an organic substrate. The raw materials used originate from bio residual flows exclusively from organic cultivation. This production process is entirely isolated in order to guarantee an organic end product!

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