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Every day, we seek innovative solutions to perfect our process. A high-quality substrate determines the success of our growers. With a highly advanced production process, we guarantee substrate quality, although more factors contribute to the best cultivation results. Excellent logistics facilities, service and advice ensure that our substrate successfully travels the world and finds its way to the grower.

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  • From farm to fork: real-time data determines our choices

The production process generates a high-quality substrate that is ready for transport to the grower. To guarantee quality until the moment of delivery, the logistics process is essential. The substrate can be delivered in bulk and packages, both within the Netherlands and abroad.

Excellent transport hygiene measures contribute to maintaining the quality of the substrate, as do the knowledge and experience of our drivers. Delivering and depositing the substrate at the grower’s facility is a dynamic process in which the driver assumes the role of adviser. We assess every request and order in advance to create the ideal conditions during the delivery of the substrate.

Thanks to our extensive logistics experience at home and abroad, we have knowledge of all applicable regional, national and/or international laws and regulations. Issuing and applying for permits, providing the correct waybills and exemptions, but also country-specific formalities and regulations are no stranger to us.


Knowledge is our key ingredient. For every grower, novice or experienced, our knowledge can make the difference during delivery and at the start of cultivation. Cultivation guidance forms a solid foundation within our organisation. It is our added value to our growers, but also an extension of our substrate.

Even the most experienced mushroom grower will be confronted with surprises sooner or later. We offer advice on cultivation decisions and issues. Every delivery of substrate must be successful, in yield and quality. Every delivery of substrate must be successful, in yield and quality. A team of experienced specialists is available daily for questions and they make regular visits. Together with our customers, they explore new possibilities to achieve successful cultivation. The best result for you is the best result for us!

Customer-specific questions

Substrate is a natural product and therefore never exactly the same. Our substrate is as unique as our customers. Phase 2 substrate can be grafted and permeated with various spawn varieties at the grower’s request. Proper coordination with the grower and the exchange of data are essential here to adapt the substrate to the various types of cultivation systems and/or harvesting methods. For large customers, a separate production substrate is even run.

From farm to fork: real-time data determines our choices

Quality control requires insight into the production chain. That is why traceability is increasingly integrated in our organisation. Raw materials delivered can be traced per batch to their origin and delivery. This watertight track & trace system provides insight into the history of deliveries, both within the Netherlands and internationally.

The traceability of raw materials is an important component of production control. Together with external accredited laboratories, our laboratory accurately analyses all raw materials offered. Each delivery is assigned its own batch number and the temperature is registered and recorded during transport. This ensures that the quality of the substrate is controlled and monitored to the greatest possible extent.

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