Hooymans Substrates is a real family business. Originally a greenhouse horticulture and mushroom cultivation company founded by father Gerard and his wife Corrie. In 1988, Gerard and his son Jan started building the current company. Petra was also a friend of Jan’s in the family and she too has been involved in the substrate company from the start. Meanwhile, Jan & Petra have been leading the company for quite some time now. Not only the family is close, but also the bond with the employees is very important to the family. Many employees have been with Hooymans Substrates for many years, something the family is very proud of.

The company has since grown into a company with about 80 employees. More than 300,000 tons of phase 1 are produced annually at the Oostenbroekweg (Velddriel) location and delivered to growers nationally and internationally as mature substrate. The export location located on the Provincialeweg in Velddriel offers the opportunity to organize everything for export under the leadership of cousin Johan Hooijmans.

Son Gerd-Jan and daughter Kim are both still studying, but are both involved in the company. Gerd-Jan has been working since he was 15th during school holidays and weekends in various departments and as a driver. Kim has also obtained her driver’s papers and in busy times she also drives the loads to the customers.

Family forms the basis of the company, but family values ​​are also rooted in the corporate culture. An honest open communication in which everyone is valued in his or her role, always with an eye on the result for their customers.


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